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Shushy Setrakian, MS, RD

I’m Shushy Setrakian, MS, RD!

I’m passionate about helping others feel empowered and strong through proper nutrition and exercise. I am a registered dietitian with over eight years of experience working with clients of varying backgrounds, including families, athletes and individuals dealing with different medical concerns. I have advanced knowledge in nutrition and health sciences, having graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in Nutrition Education, where I also completed a dietetic internship.

Having always been fascinated by the human body, I continually seek to learn how nutrition and fitness can optimize each individual’s life. Using a holistic approach, I consider different elements that may impact your health and well-being. I love diving deeper into the one's relationship with food and self-image, to help uncover and overcome barriers to reaching goals. Ultimately, I help you bridge the gap between having the intention to change and taking action.

Growing up, despite dabbling in dance and sports such as basketball and soccer, I struggled with consistency and motivation. However, as I matured and became increasingly disciplined in my diet and workouts, I gained much more than the physical changes I had originally sought; I learned the importance of discipline and built the confidence to achieve more. Today, I feel more self-assured and resilient as I can apply the tools I acquired to tackling obstacles and goals beyond health and fitness.

I want to help others achieve what I was able to achieve for myself. My mission is to work with you to create lasting results and confidence by increasing your knowledge, skills, and discipline. I offer an expert, evidence-based approach to helping you feel your best.

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